The Game

The FTC game, called “Block Party!” is played on a 12′ by 12′ field with about 1′ high walls and a soft foam playing surface. Two teams form an alliance, either red or blue. Points are given with 100 2″ yellow cubes usable by all robots. In the center are a bridge that a robot can stop on for points, two pendulums for scoring (extra points added if you get the block in the basket with an IR beacon under it), and a pull-up bar a robot can hang on for more points. Points can also be attained by placing blocks on the floor below the pendulums. Your score can go up if you put blocks in your opponent’s pendulums or on the ground below them, except in the End Game. At the beginning of the game, in Autonomous mode (robots are pre-programmed for this purpose), blocks are placed randomly in the front and back corners of the playing field. Each robot gets one block to start the game. Robots must not control over four blocks at a time in the other two modes, Driver-Controlled and End Game. Both alliances begin with their robots in direct contact with the outer field perimeter wall on their side of the field. In the End Game, points can be acquired by raising the alliance flag, having your robot hanging from the pull-up bar, or having the pendulums be balanced.