Kickoff Today!!!

We have a good feeling about this year’s challenge. It seems like a lot of fun with a lot of new obstacles.

Competition is Coming

Competition is just around the corner and we are quite excited! This year we will be attending the North Star Regional. Good luck to all of the teams and we will see you at competition. #omgrobots

Lake Superior Regional and Good Year!

Hey guys! I just wanted to share a little bit about our season. We started out just like every other team – we started brainstorming when we found out that our water game robot won’t work. We ended up doing a forklift like robot. It is actually pretty impressive for us. It is the best robot that we have build so far. We also made our team size a lot bigger. We are up to 22 active FRC members! That is a huge jump and has been a huge help too! Well, see you at the competition and good luck!

2015 Kick Off

I know that it is a long way away, but might as well put this out there. We are all excited for the new season. So, on our kick off page, I have put a countdown timer on it. You can view it here.